SUSHI is slightly vinegrated rice, ovelaid or mixed with raw fish,shellfish or vegetables.

Why Sushi? A study has found that people who eat fish once or twice a week (approx. 100g) have a lower than average risk of heart problems, certain type of cancer and arthritis.

Researchers speculated that the benefit was related to the specific combination of amino acid and D.H.A in fish.

The greater benefit comes from consuming it raw.


There are three kinds of Sushi:

  1. Nigiri Zushis:a oblong shaped rice ball with a slice of seafood on top.

  2. Maki Zushis:is NORI (seaweed sheet) wrapped rice rolls with raw fish,shellfish or vegetables in the middle.

  3. Temaki Zushi:a corn shaped maki zushi.


IMPORTANT ingredients:

  1. WASABI(green radish paste), to eliminate parasites if there areany.

  2. -Vinegrated rice, vinegar kills salmonellas and other bacterias, if there are any.

  3. -Shoyu(soy sauce) go easy on it, as it has high salt containt.

  4. -Fishing hobbiest who are planning to eat the catch of the day,it is very important that you freeze it for at least 72 hours before consuming raw, to elimninate any parasite it may have.(for more details, please check LINK site.)