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Center of Excellence. Specilize in Office Chair Yoga Stretch.
(Yoga poses with Bob Anderson's Theory).

      Let Yoga!    Do Yoga!      

for Physical & Mental Healing!

  • Yoga Stretch Asanas(Poses) stretches the Chest increasing Oxigen intake and effectively help practitioners deal with "Stress" & "Anxiety".

  • Slow Deep Abdominal Breathing reset's our Autonomous Nerve System ( Sympatetic & Parasympathetic Nerves ).

  • Yoga Stretch Asanas(Poses) improve Circulation of Limphatic fluids removing toxins from our body.

  • Yoga Stretch Asanas(Poses) helps inner Wall of blood Vessels to release N.O., which expands diameter, dues increase Blood flow, delievering more Oxigen & Nutrients to Whole Body. Mitocondria chemically react those Oxigens with the Body Fat to produce "ENERGY", this is why we feel Energetic after the each class.

  • Yoga stretch asanas(Poses) changes the metaboloism in the brain, making Neurons and the their receptor proteins more efficient.

  • Yoga promotes Synaptic Plasticity(the ability of the synapses to allow neurons to communicate with one another).

  • Latest Science Fact: Stretching muscles awaken dormant Cells to produce New Collagens dues rejuvenate Muscles.
    A research reported that just 2 daily Stretch(only 15 minutes each),for 6 months and it will rejuvenate onens Blood Vessels for at leat 10 years.(please double check, ask for 2nd opinion on this).

Beginners must avoid:

-Bend Neck backward beyond Neutral Spine Line.
-Twist Body beyond 90'.
-Lift up Waist, while bending Upper body backward on the ground.

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