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Welcome to Yogi Jogi's
Center of Excellence. Specilize in Chair Yoga Stretch. Yoga poses with Bob Anderson's Theory.

Let Yoga!    Do Yoga!

for Physical, Mental & Emotional Healing!

Many Asanas(Poses) stretches the Chest and effectively help practitioners deal with
"Stress" & "Anxiety".

Most of the Asanas(Poses) improve Circulation of Blood and Limphatic fluids, thus removes Toxins and supply Nutrients & Oxigen to the organs. Also changes the metaboloism in the brain, making neurons and the their receptor proteins more efficient.

Yoga promotes synaptic plasticity(the ability of the synapses to allow neurons to communicate with one another). Latest Science Fact: Stretching muscles awaken dormant Stem Cells to regenearte Coragens dues rejuvenate Muscles. One research reported that just 2 daily Stretch(only 15 minutes each), foe 6 months and it will rejuvenate onens Blood Vessels for at leat 10 years.(plerase double check, ask for 2nd opinion on this).


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