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Create your Home page with HTML tags.

< HTML > is Hyper Text Markup Language.
Its like "Command words" used for "Pet obedience",  words like:

HTML tags tells computer what you want it to do for you,  words like:
As you can see, all the HTML tags(commands) go between "  <  " and "  >  ".
All tags comes in pairs(Start and end), with exception like:<p>, <img src=> etc

Write down on a paper overall structure & design of your page. You will find out that the more preparation you do the fewer the revisions you will have to make after the page is created.

Write down the followings:

  • The title of your page.

  • Description of your page in 10 ~ 30 words.

  • Theme, contents.

  • Name of image, pictures, Icons that you have saved.

  • Your e-mail address.

Hints for page structure

  • Don't clutter your index page, make links to secoundary pages.

  • Consistent style(both textual & graphical).

  • Keep it simple.

  • Keep information updated.

  • Don't use copyrighted materials.

  • Make sure to test your pages throughly before uploading it.

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