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Bread & Cake science & technology.

TIP: Always keep in mind the % of each supporting ingredient in proportion to the main ingredient. In case of Breads, muffins, cookies the FLOUR is the main, and in case of Sponge cake; the EGG is the main.

Bread Ingredients

FLOUR(main item): Gives structure, biding and absorption to the product.

YEAST (yeast cell+ground corn+malt+water):Leaverner. 1 lb of fresh yeast = 6.5 oz dry yeast + 9.5 oz of water.

EGG: Emulsifys product. Coagulates at 125 F,this gives structure.Adds color & flavour,increase volume to product.

MILK:16 fl. oz of milk = 2 oz of milk powder + 14 oz of water.Improves the texture & flavour.

SUGARAffect fermentation,gives flavour & color to the product.

FATAffect texture and grain, gives tenderness to product.

Methods of Cake mixing

  • Creaming or Sugar Buttter Method: Mix sugar and fat , add eggs then liquids, finally dry ingredients.
  • Blending or 2 stages Method: Mix all the dry ingredients and fat,then add eggs & liquids, mix into even batter.
  • Foam Method: Beat eggs and sugar, fold in dry ingredients.

Cake Ingredients

FLOUR:Absorption, binding, affect flavour.

SUGAR:Gives color. sweetness,tenderness.

EGG: FAT:Affects flavour, gives tenderness.

SALT: Brings out flavour. Egg:Gives structure, volume,texture.

MILK:Bring out flavour, nutritional value.

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