judo Jigoro Kano's monumental contribution as the moderniser of the art of judo is endorsed in Article 1 of the Charter of the International Judo Federation, which " recognize as Judo that which was created by Jigoro Kano". It was Kano's belief that Judo ought to mean something beyond a mere art of attack or selfdefense. Through mastery of skills and techniques, one should also be taught to enhance his/her personal integrity and charac ter. This conviction led Kano to call the national Judo Centre he founded in Tokyo. "Kodokan", which means an institution to teach the true way of life. The essence of judo lies in utilizing the strength of an opponent to one's own advantage. One does not match strength with strength, but wins by yielding to strength, by being supple and pliant, for this is what is meant by word "judo".