Martial Art Theory 2.

Blocking Techniques basic principles.

(1)The most effective means of changing the direction of an attacking force is to apply a force perpendicular to it, since it has no component in that direction.
(2) The secound principle is the application of circular force. The purpose of blocking is to change the direction of the thrust attack, not to stop it completely, therefore, the magnitude of the blocking force need not necessarily be larger in order to displace the attack.

Eluding Techniques principles.

To open a screw-top jar, one twist the lid in one direction and the jar in another and applies no direct pulling force on either because to do so would be only a waste of time.(Principle of fulcrum).
Area gripped by opponent becomes the fulcrum. Applying the law of Lever, it is possible to break the opponents grip by applying a smaller force
The second common characteristric of all the eluding Tech is the increased effectiveness of the Leverage principle brought by moving toward the opponent to bring the gripped wrist into maximum proximity with ones body.
Breaking the opponents grip by pressing the seized wrist against the joint of opponents thumb and thus freeing the hand is the third characteristic of these techniques.